War Robots Mod Apk 9.5.1 (Mod Menu, Unlimited Money & Gold, Missiles, Ammo)

War Robots Mod Apk 9.5.1 (Mod Menu, Unlimited Money & Gold, Missiles, Ammo)

Name War Robots Multiplayer Battle
Package com.pixonic.wwr
Publisher Pixonic.wwr
Category Action
Version 9.5.1
Size 238MB
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Ammo, Missiles, Bots Freeze, Mod Menu
Updated On
Mod 1 Mod MenuSpeed Multiplier (x5)Set Jump Height (x500)Set Jump Far (x50)Bots Don’t ShootDumb Bots ...
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  1. Mod Menu
  2. Speed Multiplier (x5)
  3. Set Jump Height (x500)
  4. Set Jump Far (x50)
  5. Bots Don’t Shoot
  6. Dumb Bots

Introduce War Robots Mod Apk

War Robots Mod Apk is one of the best engaging and popular robot themed action multiplayer games on Android Top Grossing In Action. This game released in 2014 by PIXONIC. After the 6 years of developed the game received many achievements that not many games you can get it. Covid time this game most popular playing and installed more then 50 Million downloads, You can optimize for PvP features to give players best experience to play this game.

War Robots is the best mechanical shooter multiplayer game developed by PIXONIC. The game weapons and Mechanics combinations numerous, game graphics are realistically balanced and visually best and one of the best PvP mode available in the gaming market. It has robots that you can upgrade and destroy others robots, and you can get a rewards gold and silver to robots with great weapons and level up to get reward. This game are best for simple for casual game player but player who are serious gamer, The game can have a wonderful tactical game. This is the best shooting game playing with robots on the battlefield.

War Robots Mod Apk Gameplay & Intuitive Controls

War Robots Mod Apk Gameplay is fully action and engaging. War Robots is a multiplayer shooting game. When you start playing the game you have to choose a robot and fight with other dangerous robots on the battlefield. You have to defeat your enemies by using different types of shooting weapons in this game.

War Robots is based on future events in the game, where humanity becomes strong and make powerful war robots to fight their battles. In the future, some robots will become so powerful, and they are all robots the biggest threat to humanity. In the game player need to choose any side in this war between robots or humans and fight for them on battlefield.

In War Robots you can play with your friends in multiplayer game mode and 1v1 battle. The game offers many challenging modes, like arena battles and PvP battles. War Robots game controls and gameplay are easy to understand, but it is hard to defeat your enemy. As you progress in the game and increase your game levels, the war robots battle becomes more challenging for you.

War Robots Customize & Upgrades

Robots are a major part of this game. War Robots are totally based on Robots. They are called war machines, protecting you and defeating other opponents. There are two types of Robots War Machines. Each of the robots has a special skill’s system which gives them an advantage in battlefield matches. They are to become an invisible for a small-time, Making the enemy passive before the attack time. Other robots have the ability to increase damage and move fast. You can replace parts of the robots and upgrade them.

War Robots features many unique different 50+ War Robots in the game. Each war robot has its own unique design and abilities. War Robots are designed with many powers with weapons abilities, the game allows you to choose any best robot in the game. In the game, some robots are fully armored and more focus on defense strategy. You will need to collect money and gold to upgrade your robots and create the best teammates for your battles. There are so many robots are available in the game.

War Robots Amazing 3D Graphics & Sound Effects

The War Robots 3D graphics are amazing and its higher quality visual effects will give you an exciting realistic war battle experience of this game. You can see the action battle scenes and different locations, the environment and movements of robots so smooth and amazing.

In the game’s top right corner you see settings options where you can adjust the graphics quality and set 60FPS smooth for better gameplay. The game’s sound effects are so impressive. In war robots battles, robots sounds and background noise of robots walking and shooting sounds make this game more engaging.

War Robots Multiplayer Mode

War Robots Single player mode you can play with online players around the world. And you can also team up with other players in multiplayer mode 6v6 mech combat. There are so many maps to choose, each maps with its own different objective and layout. War Robots team battles players need team work and make strategy to defeat enemies and win the match.

In this game, clans are the best option for you to increase your chance of winning battles in war robots. If you want to play the game with your friends, then you can invite your friends to play with in a 1v1 battles and team deathmatch and fun together!

War Robots Maps & Tactics

There game 12 types of maps. Each has a separate layout with structure it is very suitable for your team to set up tactics to fight more effectively and best experience. Its game one of the best thing is large maps, but its topographic structure is split of river and bridge. There are also Valley, Rome, Castle, Base, and 7 More Maps. The game has not give you a description statement but you can experience it you can actively observe and know the tracks.

How To Download War Robots On PC?

Can I Play War Robots On My PC? Yes, you can play the War Robots game on your PC! First download and install BlueStacks or Nox PC Emulator. Search for War Robots in the emulator search bar in the top right corner, and then click on the search download results and install War Robots. Once the installation is Done, click on the game icon to enjoy the game. Additionally, you have the option to play the War Robots Mod on your PC!

What Is War Robots Mod Apk?

Download War Robots Mod Apk on your android and iOS device for absolutely free. War Robots Mod Apk is a Modded Version of the War Robots standard version. In this mod version, you get exciting War Robots premium features, like unlimited money and gold, inactive bots, unlocked weapons and unlimited bullets missiles. In the standard version you need to complete all the missions to unlock these premium features and upgrade your robots, but using this Modded version you can complete any missions and task easily and win all battles and upgrade, customize your War Robots.

War Robots Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gold 2023

In War Robots, many things are locked and unavailable for beginner players in the game. As you progress in this game, you can unlocked weapons and locked items by playing matches and collecting in-game currency money and gold. If you want more money & gold, then you can purchase with real money. If you want free unlimited money in War Robots, so download War Robots Apk mod. In war robots mods give you unlimited money in the game, and you can buy any premium items, robots, and upgrade robots. Download War Robots Mod Apk for free and enjoy the amazing battles.

War Robots Mod Apk version Features

Unlimited Money and Gold: In the original version of the War Robots game, you need to complete tasks, missions and win battles to collect and earn money. You know that the War Robots require in-game currency to upgrade and buy weapons, robots, premium items. War Robots Mod Apk gives you unlimited gold and silver for free.

Unlocked All Weapons & Robots: In War Robots you have the option to choose over 50+ War Robots in the game. You can unlock limited robots in games, other robots are unlocked by you completing levels and missions. The mod version of the game gives you unlocked all robots with upgradable parts.

No Ads: Advertising is disturbing while you are playing the games. In War Robots there are also ads. You can watch ads and earn rewards, but some time is disturbing. So, this mod version is completely ads free. You can enjoy the War Robots mod without an advertisement.

War Robots Mod Menu: This game mod menu features will enhance your overall gameplay. War Robots Mod Menu Provides you Speed Multiplier, Jump Height, No Gravity, Bots Don’t move features. These features allow you to increase the speed of robots, which helps you to move faster on the battlefield, and give your robots special abilities.

Jump Height: This feature allows you to jump higher on the battlefield, giving more control over your robot movement.

No Gravity: the no gravity feature can remove your robot’s gravity effects and make them light weight. This feature allows you to reach areas of the map that are hard to get there.

Bots Don’t Move and Shoot: This feature is the best for beginner players who are difficult to play and at the start of the game battle you first battle with AI Robots. This feature freezes the Ai Bots, and they are not able to shoot their weapons. This feature helps you to focus in your gameplay without interfering of Ai Bots. War Robots these features give you different experiences of the game and keep you more engaged.

How To Download & Install War Robots Mod Apk

   You can download War Robots Mod from our website.
  1. It is Easy and simple to download and install the game.
  2. First click the download button below.
  3. Once you’re downloading complete, go to the download file and click the installation option and enjoy the Mod Apk.
  4. The mod version of this game you can install it like you install original APK. After you install mod apk then open and allow app permission.
  5. And the game start, and you can see menu option click enabled mod features play it easy.


Overall, On the battlefield robots, War Robots Hack Mod Apk PvP Multiplayer game, gives players access to a match, to join the same battlefield. They have to kill the opponent team members in order to win the match. You can enter as a solo player to enjoy this fantastic game.

The best place to upgrade your abilities is at Arena. If you enter the game alone, there is a way to more rush and energetic gameplay by inviting your extraordinary teammates.

As well as the coordination and communication of the players will give this game more enthusiasm and attraction. Install War robots hack download for ultimate unlimited gaming experiences. Read Also Modern Warship Mod Apk


Q. Is War Robots Mod Apk Safe?

Yes, the War Robots Mod Version is safe and user-friendly for all devices.

Q. Is War Robots Multiplayer Offline?

No, War Robots is a completely online game. It requires a stable internet connection to play with real players and a better gaming experience.

Q. Which Robots Is Best In War Robots?

The best robot in war robots there are so many best robots in this game. War Robots, which is the best robot is depends on your playstyle. But in the game, some popular robots that many players liked, Loki, Ares, Fenrir, Ao Jun, Leech, Nightingale, Scorpion and many more. In War Robots, two of the best amazing robots are the Behemoth and the biggest robot titan. These robots bring huge powers and durability on the battlefield.

Q. What Is The Fastest Robot In War Robots?

In War Robots, the fastest robot is Loki. The Loki is a stealth war robot with the ability to move faster on the battlefield.

Q. What Is The Max Level In War Robots?

In War Robots has a maximum level is 30.

Download War Robots Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gold 2023

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